1. I want this game 🙁 but I’m getting a ps4 so I can’t play with my one of my
    best buddies. 

  2. In Starcraft the Zerg tumors and hatcheries spread creep(a fleshy like
    material) across surface of the environment. Can something like that be
    done in Project Spark?

  3. Couldn’t stop laughing at the fedora haha but I’ll check this game out when
    it is released looks good 

  4. Another question I have, is Project Spark going to going to get with
    Microsoft and create a Keyboard specifically for the Xbox One to make
    typing in quest and searching for stuff easier but still be able to use the
    controller for all the creating part of the game?

  5. Wow, being able to animate characters with kinect seems like it has a lot
    of potential.

  6. Can I add my own stuff in my game, as in art work or something, I highly
    doubt it but want to be sure. Also is there a limit to the worlds I can

  7. I can’t get my Project spark to download. I takes me to the store but it
    does not show up in store. Any advice?

  8. Can you make it to where when you’re running on ice you don’t really have
    full control and you’re basically just sliding everywhere?

  9. I hope you can add tonnes of AI and make massive maps , Thats something ill
    do quick

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