1. Windows 8 only fucking really. Great job eliminating 85% of your PC player
    base probably more considering most the people who have windows 8 are not
    gamers. Another sad attempt by Microsoft to get people to upgrade to
    Windows 8…

  2. If anyone is wanting to buy a key for the XBOX ONE for cheap I have 5 that
    I am not going to be using.

  3. i applied for the beta and they sent me 5 and my friends already have it
    so if you want one message me 4 left

  4. I really like this project it’s pretty fun I got it on windows 8 and I
    downloaded the xbox one version I don’t have an xbox one yet but I’m
    currently trying to get my hands on one but for now I’m using the windows
    version I currently got a level uploaded it’s not anything special but it
    still kinda fun. the level is called Jimmy’s Quest (Prototype) it will get
    updated alot cause I’m still working on it but anyway I really hope this
    project becomes a success.

  5. Just letting you guys know, and probably devs already realize this..
    All that freedom you talk about is restricted by a pay to unlock system.
    In a beta.
    Guys.. I’m disappointed.

  6. So if i take a ranger, modify all the colors and gear, change the brain and
    physics and rename them, then how do i share that character with someone

  7. The games awesome and all but I really wasn’t expecting so many
    micro-transactions, now I understand his could be just part of the beta but
    I really hope there is more, default in-game content or maybe some free
    DLC, I love the game and you did great on it, so complete respect on that,
    but I’ll be looking forward to more content that I won’t have to pay extra
    for. Once again though, great job and keep up the good work!

  8. I downloaded the beta yesterday. I was dying to get this on Xbox One. I
    have two questions that are probably easy if someone could help. How do I
    use a champion in create mode? I purchased the Knight’s Training school
    pack. And how do I make it so when I add block to a character that he holds
    the block position until u let go? Right now the character just blocks for
    a second. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I don’t have any Xbox One. So here Beta Codes


  10. For anybody asking about a 360 beta, there isnt going to be one (as of now,
    as far as I know) they released a statement saying they sort of felt it to
    be irrelevant to have a beta on 360 too because the game will be released
    on 360 as well. And you know how Microsoft is with up selling their
    products with treats like this

  11. Just wanna say I love this game. I was just wondering if this is a timed
    beta? Or will this beta transition into the full game at some point?


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