1. I’m surprised this is free. With lots of people making their own games and
    for everyone else to be able to play those games that could potentially
    mean 100’s and 1000’s of free games every month!

  2. So what exactly is project spark? Not trying to start a flame war or
    anything but I have heard it is Minecraft-esque. Is that true?

  3. 0:44 StarFox?! That’s incredible, I love that they’re indirectly using
    another franchise to promote their game. This game could be Minecraft huge

  4. I actually thing that this game should be game of the year the fact that u
    can be a developer and make your own games is really crazyy the developers
    is loving this game and it gonna be epic 2 see what everyone creates

  5. Pc beta code for this?
    I dont have a pc or laptop with windows 8 just have the one so here you go
    🙂 comment if you took it 

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