PS4 – Dead By Daylight with Freddy Krueger (2017) A Nightmare on Elm Street


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Free deadbydaylightfreddykruegertrailer is ready for download

PS4 – Dead By Daylight with Freddy Krueger (2017) A Nightmare on Elm Streetwas extracted from

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT’s “A nightmare on elm street” with Freddy Krueger now avalaible !

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  1. why do i hear all this bitching about Jason for fuck sake they can't get rights to jason cuz he has his own game DUH i mean how dumb can you be? If you wanna play as jason go play friday the 13th cuz jason will never be on dead by daylight due to friday the 13th being same style of game play… Now killers like Pinhead, Pennywise, Candyman, Ghostface, and Pumpkinhead on the other hand are all more realistic request

  2. His map is out already for console players but sadly he is yet to be available….hopefully tomorrow or Saturday he'll finally make his appearance

  3. When is freddy coming out on console? I've looked everywhere for a release date and I can't find one anywhere.

  4. Mkx couldn’t have him, but they have Jason, but this thing can’t have Jason and this game is perfect for it,but dead for dead by daylight

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