PUBG – Aimbot In Action?


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  1. lol I do that all the time and people do it to me too, aint nothing special. Try getting a tripple shot to the head in less than a sec through the wall then you can start shouting about aimbots

  2. Now I'm not gonna mention the no aimbot issue here you probably read the comments and read what actually happened
    butttttttttttt man that squad play was not the right move with a circle that small with that many people alive
    gotta keep driving if one of you gets shot out of a car late game
    you probably already got comments about this aswell


  3. you shot the first guy, so second guy heard you and reacted it. it looks like instant reaction to your eyes because of desync
    even without your horrible shooting at the first guy, its possible reaction
    don't cry like a baby

  4. He's not hacking he probably just has very good reflexes. I have my mouse sensitivity all the way up and I've pulled a couple of kills like that.

  5. This is not aim bot, just the animation. When you shot him, animation shows him crazy waving his arm and taking shots, but, in his view, he is still holding the gun, what he did is just turn around and shot you. In your view, he suddenly turn around and automatically make a shut without aim, it is just the animation.

  6. Aim bot? You hafd like no health…whole squad already got rocked….he turned at got lucky with a headshot. Desynch if anything.

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