Quantum Break #2 – The Accident

Filename: quantumbreakcrash.exe

FileSize: 20 MB

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Quantum Break #2 – The Accidentwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720


  1. Do the people making this game know ANYTHING about time? Sound travels when air vibrates; with time frozen around you you would hear nothing, see nothing because no light was travelling to reach your eyes and you wouldn't be able to move since the air around you would be frozen in place. I know it's a game, but seriously

  2. Wait, I didn't notice that before. The subtitles label them as "bandit"? Really, come on.

  3. It's always funny hearing Hannah talk about an "American accent" as if there's only just one

  4. Asbestos isn't really a threat when it has been used in building materials, it only really becomes dangerous when it becomes airborne, say when you tear down a building that used it as an insulator.

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