Quantum Break Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD Xbox One] – No Commentary

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  1. Tell me that's Max Payne and I'll just shut the fuck up. I miss that guy so much, even after Max Payne 3

  2. if only the reading discovery's would show up in notes elsewhere. kind of breaks the immersion of the moment.

  3. I have completely lose control. the review is so bad  because you wont focus on the story you keep drifting to and fro looking for what men? any nice review

  4. Okay, part where that girl with the sign showing off her middle finger to that driver is really getting annoying and disturbing. Same goes with both using strong language. I mean who came up with these things anyway? I mean people are using these strong words to replace a specific word that best describe a subject that they are talking about. I mean why can't they just watch their language; not to mention show not some but more proper respect for more than just one day? Sad part is they can't because they are just too stubborn to do it. But what can I do about it? If they want to be this way then so be it. But still it is annoying me and people are being such jerks and very disrespectful these days. For the record, I blame the Devil.

  5. Funny how Xbox one, the weaker console has had Quantum Break, Ryse Son Of Rome, and Rise Of The Tomb Raider all have some of the best looking graphics on any console. Uncharted 4, Rachet and Clank, and The Order 1886 on PS4. Which I only liked one of those.

  6. youre. the best nothing like shit hey guys back here bla bla bla shit shit shit you play it perfectly

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  8. that egg and bacon sandwich she was eating was looking good as shit tho.. I'm trying to get a job at Monarch

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