Rainbow Six Siege – Before You Buy

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  1. I love it and I think it's doing better with the new operators and with the new maps and I think it's more with it now then it was before

  2. I put 80 hours in to the game and its absolutely worth the 60 asking price the game has a ludicrous amount of layers. What character do you pick, what gun do you pick do you want breaching charges, or grenades. Where do you breach how do you stack to go through a room do you do 2 2 man squads and a single to get more points of entry and confuse the defenders, or more people per squad so you can blitz through? Absolute fucking blast of a game and I would honestly say its one of the best games in the past couple of years

  3. I got it for free with my xbox one along with… (Get ready) Fallout 4 and 3, rainbow six vegas, rainbow six vegas 2, rise of the tomb raider and halo 5… :^D

  4. was thinking of buying this game and the video is still keeping me in two minds about it, i enjoy playing online shooter games but don't know if the game is worth the money. Please help

  5. How's the matchmaking? Do you play against equally skilled players / players at the same level / just random players?

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