Rainbow Six Siege – “Key To The City”

Filename: rainbowsixsiegekey.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

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  1. Should I get this game while it's on sale? Been looking for a new shooter type game for a while

  2. This game is so awesome.. If only it weren't stabbed in the back by its developers before it got a chance to live :/
    (I heard lots of problems got fixed, but I'm still… not convinced that the devs know where to go with this game)

  3. From the perspective of a Canadian, I'm not sure what to think about having Canadian operators in the game. On one hand, I like that the characters help show Canada's diversity since the operators are French-Canadian (Buck) and of Chinese heritage (Frost) and that the operators are quite capable. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of having Canadians in a direct military role (I preferred when Canada's military were peacekeepers and left directly fighting extremists to the States) or having them be in a game named after a person who obviously and fiercely supported military action by the States. I also think that the codenames for the operators as well as the fact that they always wear cold-weather gear a tad bit stereotypical.

  4. Did they add destructible by bullets walls recently or you just didn't use this tactic before?

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