Reggie Cooper takes you through the correct settings to use FreeMyApps!

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  1. It doesn't work it says problem with this device and so I go to support@freemyapps and I send help but doesn't work

  2. I did all steps as your guide but it never worked 🙁
    Can't earn creadits anymore for my new phone

  3. hi! i have a problem that say We're sorry! you must wait before redeeming your first gift card. Please try to redeem your gift card again in one day?? This is the message that when i want to buy a gift card.. Plz help me :)

  4. They don't give you gift cards I've waited for days for my credits they wait for you to get so far and then make it to where you get nothing out of it it's been days since I've downloaded the apps and I'm still waiting on about 1,200 credits and I've invited people and they have already downloaded 2 more apps and I haven't been credited for that either very disappointed 

  5. My phone is on iOS8.3. I followed ALL that you said but when i was about to install freemyapps it's not verified. When i was watching the other's it's verified. PLEASE HELP

  6. Thanks .but Ihave Asiiferent problem when I Intall the freemy apps it feels me (that's the authenticity of verify settings cannot be verified) please help I couldn't found any videos to help me 

  7. Arent you able to use free my apps to get prizes on games if so how do i get gems on clash of clans

  8. hello..i have problem to enrolling my device..i used android.. i have sent mail to your staff.. and they tell me to read faq.. fuccckkkk.. i just read that and my problem still not solved.. sorry for my bad english.. ty

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