Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered | (PS4) Gameplay Walkthrough Lets Play – Part 1

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  1. I'm so glad i found your channel Suzy, i'm a new subscriber and very much enjoying your content that i've seen so far :)

  2. I have this game for the GameCube and I don't even own a GameCube. Just got it because I wanted to get the wii version but could never find it in the wild when I had a wii so now that I have it I can always play it on m brother's GameCube.

  3. At first I thought something was wrong with the video because I couldn't hear anything. Then I remembered I muted my computer cause I was watching porn last night.

  4. do not play bad friend I like pretty girls like you who likes to play video games nothing more do you need to practice more for you to be playing the best resident evil

  5. resident evil is EVIL! i love the whole concept ever since i first saw the not a gamer (my lil brother is though….he works for rockstar north) but i liked the first resident evil game….i haven't had the opportunity to play this version as per yet, it does look interesting…something like some of my dreams i frequently have :)

  6. That ancient technique of resident evil to pick up the shotgun and joins 3 zombies that kills three with one shot? Lu

  7. Thank you for playing this series. Your frustrated and WTF moments aren't in vain; I've shared all these RE games with my sisters and watching their reactions through the games were always laugh out loud entertainment for my brothers and I. Your playthroughs reminds me of better times.
    Thanks again. Hope to see you for the upcoming REmake 2!!! O.o

  8. Capturing this in 60fps wouldn't matter, you're playing on a console. Only us PC people get 60, although in this game that hardly matters.

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