1. @marcos furquim why wont my game play in a window? it always plays in full screen and it is frustrating. I have changed stuff in the options for the graphics but it still wont play in window.

  2. i tried with 6.2, worked fine, your RE2 maybe is another version, the the address are different

  3. all too small, too fast and too complicated. Farewell to my dream to get rid of the spiders. 🙂

  4. Dude evrytime i want to start my re 2 normally (fullscreen) its half of the screen im searching so long for a sulution do you know how?

  5. owh how to find the address , coz when it try i got the slot adress not the item hehe actually im playing ePSXe 1.7.0 Bomberman Fantasy Race

  6. u need try find the address where the value is the ID of the item that you would like to modify

  7. how you search for the code i have another game and i want the item modifier l~sorry out of the topi

  8. oh and one thing i kinda have the downloaded torrent of this game not the cd, the only problem that is existing now in my game is the speed of the character running and walking, the reason is that i dont know correctly the options to increase the performance on my game to make my game run smoothly, it happen to me yesterday and it worked cuz i finish it through one story mode going hyper speed

  9. you need change your color system to 16 bit..

    1. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Screen Resolution

    2. Click on the Advanced settings link.

    3. Click on the Monitor tab.

    4. Select from the available Colors from the drop down menu the color bit you want(16 bit)

    NOTE: your Aero will be deactived, dont horry, its normal

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