Resident Evil: PS4 vs. GameCube Graphics Comparison

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  1. la version Game Cube à plus de charme, car elle donne un effet pédicule de cinéma plus réaliste avec des couleur moins plates que la version PS4!

  2. Lo bueno es que pertenezco a la generación donde no importa la gráfica del juego si no lo entretenido que sea!

  3. jajaja y luego la ps4 presumiendo sus gráficos si cualquier consola con el mínimo esfuerzo la supera jajaja ahora no tiene de qué presumir

  4. The Nintendo version still got a lot of more colors, Lights and shadows. Meanwhile the Next Gen versions didn't ( irony )

  5. wow it was true, I heard that gamecube had a filter somehow, PS4 looks like game and gamecube looks like a paint.
    also I heard that not hd tv, old tv added another filter by its glossiness to this game, so it is better on old tvs

  6. game was originaly developed for gamecube. all other ports are crap.
    especially the HD ports.

  7. game was originaly developed for gamecube. all other ports are crap.
    especially the HD ports.

  8. HD Remastered version looks better than Gamecube version. Besides, it's capable to run 120fps in 1080P resolution or greater (only in PC version).

  9. no es tanta la diferencia para la game cube ser una consola de baja resolucion grafica que tristeza de la ps4

  10. does anybody remember when they did a drop test on ps2, Xbox, and GC. GC was only one that still worked after.

  11. Does anyone know if the gamecube has backwards combatibility with the wii u. I want to get this game, the PC version is in slow motion, and i'm pretty sure i can get by the slightly inferior graphics. If not, does anyone know if you can change the PC version to the gamecube graphics, because i did that when my pc version of RE 4 wet to slow motion, and it was fixed.

  12. Did you guys just compare pre rendered cut scenes as though their something different?

    Oh lord, IGN hires idiots.

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