Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster – Full Game Walkthrough – No Saves (Save Your Prayers)

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  1. I knew that good and evil puzzle was gonna happen I even predicted that the painting would move out of the way revealing a secret passage.

  2. When I got to the Umbrella HQ mansion, I was low on ammo. I don't get why you have tons of ammunitions?

  3. This game scared the absolute crap out of me when I was a kid. It would take me weeks before I could get up the courage to keep playing it. Not to mention it was confusing as crap sometimes. I think it took me like a month to beat it.

  4. I applaud you for doing this without saving. It would be my luck for dying and then having to start all over from beginning lol

  5. Alright had to do the game over because i didnt have enough rounds for the final boss. I currently at the blue leech charm and have 19 grenade rounds in total :)

  6. i played all the Resident Evil from 1 to 6, and i found this 0 game is pretty challenging, i am playing normal mode but it feels hard mode, very little ammo and herbs. I have managed to pass the train and training facility, now i am at the lab. To be honest this game is succeed to make me feels the survivor horror, the less ammo and herbs makes every new rooms feels scary, make me walk slowly into the rooms and hope there are no zombies around….

  7. I beat it on hard and still have no idea how to access the door behind the flames immediately after the train crashes. Can somebody help me out?

  8. hi guys
    twice the frogg gobbled me up after nearly do this any tips for froglips???

  9. Nice video but i always wondreD what happens to Billy after hmmm that a question =D

  10. It is possible to do "save your prayers" and "S is for S.T.A.R.S" (speed run) at same time or not. thanx by the way if you answer me or not! I like your walktrough

  11. Gonna do this tonight on hardmode got every weapon + inf ammo now, so with the magnum revolver and rocket launcher this is very doable nice guide

  12. theres is no big difference between this and gamecube version (except for inventory) but the cutscenes look nice

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