Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster – Leech Hunter Walkthrough (100% Guide & Rewards) | PS4 Gameplay

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  1. sif I get the revolver but not unlimited ammo the magnum would only have 6 shots till later in game am I right

  2. Thanks man for making this vid. I was stuck on that because I couldn't find the last leech for the life of me lol. :)

  3. How you gonna dislike this walkthrough & this person took the tyme out to help Resident evil players like myself you are SUS!!!!! ? thanx for the help -illuminati Essenceofk

  4. watched your video, and for the first time ever, I got all 50 with Billy. And only 49 with Jill. sigh.

  5. 0-29 leeches machine gun ammo 30-59 leeches infinite pistols 60-89 leeches infinite hunting gun 90-99 leeches magnum 100 leeches 6 shotgun g.launcher 2 magnum sub machine gun cocktail bottle

  6. dumb question…. but if i choose wesker mode, am i safe to overwrite any save file without fear of losing anything?

  7. so timing of completion is a major factor? is my first run through of leech mode and I'm killing off all of the enemies first and I honestly really don't know exactly what I'm doing I just know that people are saying kill the enemies first so that's what I'm doing but I'm kind of taking my time with it for this first run through can you please or anybody give me a list of what I need to do in terms of unlocking all the weapons with infinite ammo can somebody break it down into a very simple list of objectives thank you very much I will obviously have to do this again accept the next run through will be very fast

  8. I literally copied every move you'd make and got all the leaches, thank you for Co-oping with me :)

  9. So I still couldn't find the infinite handgun on/off selection as you said. What am I missing?

  10. I got the infinite ammo handgun as a reward, but how do I use it? In my inventory it's still the normal handgun.

  11. Thanks a lot. I remember doing this back in the day but its been a while. Great guide

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