Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster (PS4) – Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue

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  1. uhm Shirrako are you gonna make another playlist on hard difficulty with Resident Evil 0 notes, tips and etc

    uhm thx for the wonderful walkthrough. ^^V

  2. Holy shit, that Billy has a very impressive aim! In 19:20 and 19:30, he shoots te worms out of Rebbeca without damaging her and later he shoots the worms while they're in mid air. WOOOW

  3. Not being ungrateful here but if you're going to make a walkthrough at least make sure that you know what to do while playing the game. It's like I'm watching a first-timer. Anyway, thanks very much for this!

  4. What's up with the controls? I was considering getting this until I briefly played it on my friends xbox one and the inputs for run and inventory are arse about face. I would be getting it for ps4 and if it's the same control scheme then circle would be fun instead of square! Is there a reason the buttons are like this because last years remaster was fine.

  5. If this is the same as the gamecube version I was playing today? Then you could of just run away when you first found the leech man instead of wasting all them bullets. Because once you start to go down the stairs you get the same cut scene where rebecca is getting cover by leeches and billy comes in to save her butt. :P

  6. how would you compare this game to RE Revelations 2?

    as far as gameplay, and graphics, from what I see here, it seems like the menus and stuff are old.

    Was this game made with keeping the old style in mind, and not appeal the same visually?

  7. I hate the way for doors to open and close . I see that revaluation 2 is better than zero

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