Resident Evil Zero HD – Review

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  1. Re origin collection and ffx/x2 a best combination of different company remaster game period

  2. 3:30 ''You may tire of the formula by the end of the game'' Holy shit! Somebody shoot that guy, he doesn't know shit about what made these old games great! I suppose He's new to the series like most reviewers these days, hmm.

  3. The camera in resident evil always bugs me, sometimes when a zombie goes off screen and you turn a corner or new camera angle appears the zombie grabs you

  4. Billy is hot, I can see myself fantasizing over his pixelatedness lol there were moments I was impressed checking out his arms rotfl

  5. I've played this since its GameCube days, but after recently playing it again on PS4, I actually think I've come to enjoy this game more than REmake, which says a lot. I just wish Code:Veronica could get a full on remake, since it's my favorite, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

  6. Things good about this game
    Ammo/Health is REALLY scarce, which makes for a good challenging experience and one of the toughest RE games.
    Puzzles are generally pretty good and blend good with the action
    HD update made the game look much better than the GameCube version

    Now the bad:
    Play with two separate people sucks in pretty much every game in existence. You will find yourself using Rebecca as a pack mule because she is too weak and dies really fast. Controlling two characters was a bad idea and hurt the flow of the game

    The added enemies like frogs, monkey and some of the boss battles are cringe worthy and totally out of place (centipede, scorpion, ect) The most annoying being the guys that are damn near impossible to kill and the fucking monkey JUMPING AROUND!

    One of the biggest complaints for me was the removal of item boxes. Item boxes worked well when scattered throughout the game in other versions. In RE:Zero I found myself just using one big room to put all my shit, so instead of having multiple item boxes I had ONE BIG ROOM i had to always run back to, which made backtracking even worse than other RE games.

    Overall I think the game is good enough to buy, even if to send capcom a message but this is by FAR the worst of the "old" RE games.

  7. Rebecca: "You stay here."
    Wesker: "Fine!"

    Rebecca: "I'll go check it over there."
    Wesker: "Hmph!"

  8. 1:30 That's why they made tank controls in the first place, they fit this kind of game and camera angles perfectly, but for some reason idiots use new controls and then complain about it.

  9. UGH. ANOTHER remake? Seriously? Is Capcom so brain-dead on creating a good horror games they resort to re-launching their old ones?

  10. We just did live podcasts with Rebecca Chambers actress Riva Di Paola & 3 actors from Resident Evil Joe Whyte (Chris Redfield), Ed Smaron (Barry Burton) & Peter Jessop (Albert Wesker) with a Resident Evil quiz to see which actor knew the most about Resident Evil! Please subscribe as we have more live interviews with the actors of Resident Evil.

  11. game is total shit, you spend more time fiddling around in the inventory screen then playing the fucking game

  12. Do you guys remember when RE0 came out, the graphics were fucking
    awesome!!! I remember renting it (i was too poor to buy it) and got
    drunk then i got sick in the train part, i did vomit…Then months later
    i bought the game, got drunk again (not as much) and finished the game

  13. I beat Resident Evil Zero HD and enjoyed it. Aside from the item box being gone and having to drop items and come back for them later, i liked it.

  14. A positive review from GameSpot. Now that's surprising given that everyone else complained about the dated mechanics of the game.

  15. limited inventory space was just the way it was back then i remember i would make a few trips to the trunk and back to store items if i didn't have all the space i needed,i needed to manage all those items it was actual survival horror

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