Resident Evil Zero Speedrun Hard 1:50:28 Rank S

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  1. 1:13:19 those hunters k.o the shit out of me, how the hell you fluke that room? They dont just stand still they attack the second the show up. Playing HD remake though so maybe they fixed the AI or maybe I just have bad luck lol

  2. Does dequipping your gun make you run faster or are you doing it to avoid the temptation to shoot?

  3. man im at the second tyrant and have no where near as much ammo. im so fucked when the last boss comes

  4. i cant believe i was changing items before the scorpion and billy let go of the fucking handle and the cage fell down and cracked that bitch right on her fucking skull and killed her lmao all that time i lost lol

  5. I know when I am going for the S rank trophy I am gonna be playing this video right along with my playthrough and hope I do equally as well.

  6. On final boss where you need to open up the ceiling… And I run out of ammo before I can even trigger the scene :(

  7. Is there an HD version on PS3 for this? I remember playing this on the Gamecube back in the day.

  8. You know I have beaten 1, remake, 2,3,4,cv countless times and I always go back for more but i only beat this one once. It's not the item boxes or the char switching I'm not sure why but I just never found this one to be fun. Every time I decide for another go at it I quit before the train part is over.

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