Rise of Iron: Keystone 01 Scout Rifle Review

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  1. i really would love to use the gun, but honestly, i get a headache if i play to long with it – the kicking of the scope throws me off so much… ­čśĹ´╗┐

  2. The weapon is outclassed by the Badger CCL. It has much less stability, and even still has a bad kick with perfect balance and Zen Moment. The Badger CCL has a lot more room for perks because of this.
    I prefer the Treads type of scout anyway, this is the same type as the Crpytic Dragon, Saterienne Rapier and the Tuonela SR4, they're extremely solid for damage and don't have a too slow of a RoF, and I love my Tuonela SR4 with Torch sight, Icarus, Rifled Barrel/Snapshot and Third eye/exhumed.´╗┐

  3. had one with full auto, outlaw and hidden hand and it was a mess. dont get ne wrong any scout that have full auto is good, but they need a massive amount of stability to have effective ttk. i had better ttk with my cocytus and badger cdl since they had hls and bf (hand laid stock and braced frame). personally unless bungie buffs its stability and include those perks (hls & bf) i would avoid this scout rilfe´╗┐

  4. You say you run with AR & Shotguns (Same as me) what is your Auto of choice? I can't seem to get away from zhalo supercell, it seems to melt in PVP but would like to hear your opinion and load out. I also dropped an Answering chord with perfect balance, hand laid stock and persistence, it's a laser but persistence seems wasted with the small mag size and zhalo is just such good fun.´╗┐

  5. My keystone 01 has explosive round and i selected third eye to go with it for pvp purposes. The explosive rounds really help raise your dps, and with crowd control it allows you to absolutely devastate groups of enemies in either pvp or pve. Favorite scout rifle so far.´╗┐

  6. Got one of these from a package yesterday. Impact of a hand cannon, with the range of a scout rifle? Yes, please! lol =)´╗┐

  7. Bought one of these the other day from Arach and I absolutely love it. Using Focus Lens FLA5, Extended Mag, Perfect Balance and Crowd Control. It's now my standard weapon for PvE and PvP. At long to medium ranges it's pretty damn devastating – I'm finding it's giving 1-2 head-shot kills in the Crucible and even body shots only take 3-4 to drop another player. Still devastating at short range, but harder to bring it to bear on moving targets so I usually resort to the Last-Ditch 001 or Blink Strike for close encounters.´╗┐

  8. I got min with

    SIGHTS: red dot-ORA2, focus lens FAL5, reflex

    COLLUM 1: extended mag, snapshot

    COLLUM 2: hammer forged, triple tap

    COLLUM 3: fire fly

    From a dead orbit package.

    I use reflex, extended mag, triple tap, and fire fly.´╗┐

  9. others in it archytype are better in every single way. did a comparison with covolances duty, Hand Of Judgement and keystone01.
    covolances seems to hit hardest not sure why but it hits 10k on a 42 knight. the rest hit 8-9k. covolances better in pvp due to higher Base stability. hand of judgement is practically a repeating sniper rifle as it hits full on at sniper range.
    love keystone skin, but
    1. covolances 2. HOJ 3. keystone´╗┐

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