Rogue PvP – 5.4.2 Rogue/Paladin OWNAGE – Hearthstone BETA key give away + World of PKZ


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Rogue PvP – 5.4.2 Rogue/Paladin OWNAGE – Hearthstone BETA key give away + World of PKZwas extracted from


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  1. Just been notified that my WoW account has been “CLOSED” for “Hacking &
    Botting”. Just wrote a massive paragraph to Blizzard to reclaim my
    innocents, if I don’t get my account back… I don’t know what I’ll do….

  2. Trying to get back into the flow of video making and all this college crap!
    Good luck on the HS beta key, I’ll announce winner next week! ;)

  3. Dude you should set in your keybinds as Tab targetting a player target not
    an enemy target (enemy also targets pve like mirror or hunter pets) :D

  4. I would love to try Hearthstone! 🙂
    And that pvt server sounds like a great idea, something to do ;)

  5. HAHA! 🙂 You finally put me in your video.. Come online qt. I no more rouge
    to do 2’s in arena.. 🙁 waaah.. hehe. jk. Awesome Video man! 🙂 and i love
    you too. no homo

  6. Well, I don’t have a beta key but I should win one because I watch and have
    watched nearly every video you have uploaded plus hearthstone looks epic so
    it would be fun to play. I’ve also spoken to you before about random shiz
    and I’m excited to watch Reppz 1 so I hope you pick me, thanks for the
    giveaway and peace.

  7. I have beta access already but my mate doesn’t so i want it to give to him
    as a late christmas prezzie :)

  8. Hey Reppz, it would be awesome to run on a private server. They way
    described how you want to do it sounds better than what we are doing now. 

  9. hey reppz i played iwth you for a bit on PTR with scott and that lot ;P
    shout when the PS is up and it’d be sick top go on it, ill be back on like
    firday so could catch some gamez.

    GL winner of Hs beta key

    Merc out

  10. i need it cuz i dont have it and i like u videos and suport u so thats why
    u should consitter to give it to me

  11. Sup Reppz, awesome video! With your attractive. XD // I really wanna win
    the BETA-Key, all my friends are playing it and i cant get on, cant wait
    for the open BETA tho.. But why you should give it to me? Well i’m always
    looking forward to new video’s of you, But if you aren’t uploading any then
    i’m checking out all the old ones =P. I’m also playing Rogue and i like to
    see new tips & tricks, and you made some pretty good guides about it. And
    I’m subscribed for a long time now. Also i have an awesome Rogue 1 Shot
    Macro i like to share with you (only if you like to see), it is for Sublety
    and you only have to kick 1 button to kill someone (if he doesnt trinket

    Best Regards,

  12. Oh how I love yo damn videos. I be creepin yo page, looking forward to
    every new update you make. wether or not I win that key homie you know its
    ok. I’d still tap purple pedo ass either way. I win you can have some of
    these 😉 ( .)( .)

  13. And to add on to the ptr dags like what type came from the armory you were
    on combat sorry to be a bother

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