RollerCoaster Tycoon World Gameplay Part 1 – Building a 100 MPH Floorless Coaster


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RollerCoaster Tycoon World Gameplay Part 1 – Building a 100 MPH Floorless Coasterwas extracted from


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  1. from 07:14 an for the next 3 minutes i could not stop laughing.. hahahahaha dude just dont built this shit, they will die anyway unless, you waste half of the park and your money

  2. I love how this game is now 3d and not some crappy 2d weird graphics where it seemed like they didnt spend time at all at the graphics or gameplay. The 2d games sucked so much it was like a 1980 game it was so bad. Thank god they changed it and actually made a good game which is 3d

  3. I loved LOVED RCT1 & 2 and was really disappointed when 3 came out and they turned it into some crappy kiddy cartoon game but atleast the game felt complete, it felt finished unlike RCT4. I just played RCT4 (RCT world) and it was almost a 100% letdown. Its like the game is only half finished yet they still released it anyway. I mean seriously, theres so many broken and glaringly awkward features (and also a messy, clunky interface) that it just makes the whole thing a REAL chore to play. Why is it acceptable these days to release blatantly unfinished games? Why do people stand for it? Does nobody complain? We should be telling developers to stop releasing their games until they're facking FINISHED!!! I'm sick of this half arsed shit lol. Also, wheres the water rides? Wheres the Rapids, wheres the Log Flumes the Dinghy boat coasters etc. SO much is missing.

    Heres one example of a STUPID problem that shoulda been fixed way before release: When you build EG, a Mechanic booth, you have to create patrol areas. Now once you've CREATED your patrol areas, they only activate once you physically FIND a member of staff in your park somewhere and drop him INTO the patrol area. Now, this seems all well and good right? WRONG. There is NO way to quickly get a list of all associated employees, so you LITERALLY have to spend 10 minutes searching the entire park for a fucking mechanic who's just wandering around doing fuck all. They don't even have an icon on their head to identify them so its like playing Wheres Wally.

    Building rollercoasters in Sandbox mode was fun but the building process is so awkward that it just becomes a PITA so I couldn't be arsed to make a 2nd coaster. I hate to say this, but I feel like its the weakest in the series and I was excited as FUCK when I heard this game was being made. Poor show lads, poor show.

  4. rct 1 is much beter than planet coaster or other shit.. you play those games 1 time and its done.. rct 1 you can play so often you have something to do.^^

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