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  1. Hey i type correctly the move_character Cheat but the game can't found my general and i type the general correctly, what's wrong?

  2. eureka. ive sorted out diplomacy on this game at last. on imperial campaign folder u can force factions to stay in alliances by inserting the word superpower between faction and denarli like the roman senate is already. it works if anyone is really interested i can send you a copy of the file by email

  3. thx for cheat teleportation./ in darthmod you cant get 1 setelment rebels. there no way .

  4. HOW TO HAVE NEW FAMILY MEMBERS WITH GOOD TRAITS, ASSURE A LONG LIVE TO FACTION LEADER AND AVOID HUGE REBEL ARMIES: (a) see when family members will have 16 years, and remember that birthday is allways in winter turn; (b) save before advance turn; if the family member comes with bad traits, go back and advance turn again, the family member will have different traits; (c) if the traits are still bad, go back again, but modify the queue of constructions of some city, and make the garrison go out and go in the same city; doing this, you can advance turn 2 times again and the family member will have new traits (if this do not happen, do it with another city); (d) go again, using another city, untill will you have the family member with good traits – or at least without bad traits. The same procedure will avoid the faction leader to die very soon in the game, or will avoid the appearing of a huge rebel army in your empire.

  5. The only cheat I use: give some combat trait to useless family members. To initial family members I modify in "descr_strat". In this way you can have a more interesting game, avoiding idiots among your faction generals.

  6. about created unit if I played as the other factions how do I do that?

  7. Well,i need tell you something,imediatly.Some cheats look there like working,but in my game,only some like oliphant have worked.that's because: V. HAS ONLY FEW CHEATS WORKING.

  8. Play normal the game! You feel great,believe me,cheating this,ruined the beauty of the game

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