RuneGold – Runescape Gold Generator NO SURVEY OR PASSWORD (WORKING JUNE 2013)

RuneGold - Runescape Gold Generator NO SURVEY OR PASSWORD (WORKING JUNE 2013)

No Survey, No Password, No Bullshit!!s9g3ibAJ!P3nnah7kXvAM4-BU038HVD87T_Ahykoob4ejTK3AxO4 Printscreen: http:…
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  1. after i enter all my info and press submit i get a notification that says a problem has occurred. What can I do to fix this?

  2. Hey could you somewhat give my account gold or something? Pm me back for the details 🙂

  3. I had the same result recently. They emailed me back (I’ve put a print screen in the description). I’ve also updated the link to the new version.

  4. Dear Suedo Fteep,
    My name is Fadil and the RuneGoldFree.exe didn’t work for me so please could you spare me 50M?

  5. hello can u please just give me like 50m or something because it says me that runegold free isnt dowloaded alot and is possible damage to your account

  6. free rs Premium bots! No survey, No password required, only give your RSbot or Epicbot name and you will have Premium bots!


  7. Hey Dude this looks amazing!! Do you think you could generate me 10m because my computer wont let me download it, please? 🙂

  8. Hey bro, love this hack, i downloaded this and i logged in everything, but when i submit, it says wait 24 – 28 hours, then i waited 24 hours + and nothing there? is it because i was in the tutorial? because i made a new acc 😮

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