Runes of magic hack WORKING 9. april 2013

Runes of magic hack WORKING 9. april 2013

Hi, I just managed to find a way adding gold and diamonds to your Runes of Magic account for free ! As said in the video, it connect with the Runes of Magic …
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  1. its a key logger. he wants you to disable av and defednder because if you run it while your running those programs they will see it as a threat and block the program.. hackers like him surf the sites looking for people who want that easy money. then they take your acct and sell it off or rob it for everything you got.. and most of you are lucky the app dont work because if it did your runes of magic acct and ip would be banned from the game servers forever..

  2. Because at the time i coded the hack, I forgot details like a message box when you click transfer, and that would’ve seem really fake. Also, I’d have to wait about 12 hours to make the video to prove it works in game and I didn’t see the point. But you don’t have to use it, I don’t care 🙂

  3. yeah yeah …big fake (virus)…if is not a virus, why in the video you dont clik in “transfert”? why you dont show in game if is really work….

  4. You need to disable AV or Windows Defender. This software connects to a server, which is run by me, that hacks RoM. It’s hard to explain, but it detects it as a virus because it connects to a “illegal” server. This is easily spotted by windows because of the way i coded it. Sadly ..

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