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  1. Becouse we Don’t Want Our Video Flooded With Random Commment’s And Flame.
    We want just straight help/ Questions Down here.

  2. @thisuserisinvalid, A bunch of cry babies are pissing and moaning, As part
    of rs2developing i can personally tell you that they will never attempt to
    take your items, we value are viewers, the comments removed are basically
    of flames saying that we havent gotten are gps its been 5 minutes, and it
    can take 20minutes or more, we urge you to keep using our program and
    spread our video to your friends thank you -Regards- Ronald

  3. @Rs2Developing Well you should Do what ever it takes to protect jagex from
    retaliating against you guys, I assure you that I can help with that
    message me via youtube.

  4. hey bro subed,im seeing if this works atm,whats the reccomend amount of
    gold to produce at one time and how much will ur account get banned at?

  5. Attention all user’s we are currently creating a rsps, and will be posting
    a video soon, we will have it up by mid summer thank you -Regards- Ronald

  6. Im not trolling. I am stating that it doesnt work from my experience. Ive
    waited about 12-13 hours. There was enough save times already.

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