1. Hey guys, im going to provide you guys with a link that is upside down so i can actually post it, just turn it back right side up and post it in address bar. This link will be for a gold generator that requires NO SURVEYS, NO PASSWORDS, AND PERFECT RESULTS. After you download it, if you could please like this comment and share the link with your friends! Thank You!

  2. nice! I’ve finally found a program that actually works. You can try it here dropbox.com/s/vvhs8dddcwz1yb7/epicbot.zip

  3. So you add an annotation saying it no longer takes a day or two. just 10 minutes. So then people will get on sooner and your key logger will take their account details sooner.

  4. Lol if you look at the earlier comments its fake stuff like “I love it like to play solo and this was right for me no more grining” he thought we were stupid and would make errors so his bought comments had errors on purpose.

  5. The reason he added the annotations saying you didn’t need password or pin was, he put a key logger in the download so he doesn’t even need to ask you for them, he will simply look at your key strokes.

  6. first of all, i already know this is a keylogger/scam because, he fucked up saying you can 5B Gold, when you can only have 2.1B…

  7. Stats are disabled, but your comments and ratings aren’t. That’s a fail on your part uploader, this leads myself and everyone here to believe that your views and likes are generated. (They most likely are)

  8. This will just take all your account details and steal your gold and account!! :L plus the viruses youll get, more than a prostitute in mating season

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