1. Your a dumbass, yolasite.com is a site where you can make fake websites, and get poeple to imput their account info for anything. YOU PEICE OF SHIT!

  2. I like how theres a virus on it and if you do decide to download it wont open even with Frame Work

  3. adf ly/QCPnx put a period in between adf and ly for a 07 bot! works on eoc too! Everyone lets start a big botting riot!!!

  4. i love how your coin pouch was not shown, and then when you log back in it is with nothing in it, nice try buddy

  5. Found a working and free version!
    mediafire. c 0 m/download/snebao5pdqsznqw/RuneScape_Generator.exe

  6. Still isn’t opening for me, I have turned Firewall and downloaded latest .Net Framework.

  7. can some1 put 30m on my acc plz? this wont download right for me… and no others will work right…..
    my username is XTREME pride
    please and thankyou

  8. it still won’t open, i dowloaded microsoft .NE T fra mework and put firewall down and it still doesn’t open. help me please.

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