1. p.s. forgot to mention, you found this stuff out because you hexedited. don’t think we’re dumb – i hack, too. and not just runescape accounts.

  2. hi nucleuscrane,

    i did make the program, but for a friend, “gastroboom”. i am not the one speaking in the video etc, i simply developed this program so Gastro could steal gullible users accounts (i do not even play runescape). you could not have keylogged my computer, because my ftp does not allow any files to be shifted in or out, which means this would be physically impossible unless i downloaded one of your programs. gastro has gotten lazy with it though recently, and

  3. someone being hacked is quite slim, as i don’t even play runescape and he doesn’t want to take the time to open each and every account we get. i hope you understand,


  4. Spencer, this is obvs a hack, i have keylogged your computer and make sure you dont hack again ok?

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