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  1. I’d like to point out to you guys btw, that after creating this video
    ShoSho and his friends found our other homes, and completely destroyed them
    as well. We didn’t want to show them in the video because we were trying
    to hide them, but they have been completely wiped just like the house shown
    in the video. This includes destruction of all our boxes, walls, doors,
    furnaces, workbenches, etc. Last I saw ShoSho in game he threatened that he
    will “destroy me” and my friends, raid us on every server, until we quit
    the game.

  2. I liked this game, but then this sorta thing happened. I don’t think i’m
    going to start playing it again until they fix this major problem.

  3. so fucking ridiculous, no reason they shouldnt be able to enjoy the game
    and not have to hack and be annoyin to other players in this sort of
    manner. It sickens me to see this happen so much in this game as this game
    is awesome, there’s so much to do but they ruin it with the fact they cant
    get good at it the right way… Keep doing what you do Ohm, glad you put this

  4. Okay I’ve watched both your video and shosho’s video. And
    I completely agree with you about shosho being a huge a**hole. Though I
    don’t think he was cheating, but I do think that most of his friends are
    hacking and he is using that to his advantage. I do think you were being
    kinda rude. but He also seriously overdid it with going around ruining the
    game for you and all the people that watch your videos. but you must
    remember that it wasn’t just shosho ruining the game. Sorry if that sounds
    conceded of me but that’s just my opinion. please reply back to tell me of
    anything else I may haves forgot, or if you want to tell me something.

  5. well they have arragned a on strike cheat system but still it ont be
    enough. Recently i was playing when a random troll shew up near my teams
    base asking for “Pants”. Being freindly types we listene dthen he threw out
    about… 200 C4 ALL OVER OUR BASE. i was not counting that thouroughly but
    it was enough to level 67 walls and about 20 metal doors.. WTF

  6. Thanks for posting this. I love this game though I’ve been playing for less
    than a week. I have had a few run ins with hackers myself in that brief
    time. It’s one thing to cheat in single player games since that only
    affects you. It’s another to cheat in games others are trying to enjoy, all
    because your testicles haven’t descended.

    I hope the incident with you getting banned from the forum is an isolated
    one or that they reprimand the mod for doing so (assuming he wasn’t
    violating some kind of internally established rule about censorship). I
    would love to see where this game goes and I’d hate to think that FacePunch
    would rather stomp out negative feedback rather than fix the issues with
    the game.

  7. That is freaking garbage man and I hate cheaters too I don’t know why the
    f#ck they do it either. What freaking assholes, I hope when I get on rust I
    don’t run into these assholes. The last thing I want to do is record and
    post a game video that this happens ya know.

  8. also your video gives evidence that shosho’s video is still not very
    trustworthy. if you pause ohm’s video at where he is showing deatharrow’s
    acxount you saw that under the names that deatharrows goes by is
    ohmwrecker. also in shosho’s video, in his convo with shosho ohm doesn’t
    sound like ohm and ohm also sounds like he knows alot about c4 in rust so
    again that makes us really wonder if shosho is really a good youtuber. I
    fully support you ohm. =D

  9. well this is stupid shosho is like “well i have almost 100,00 subs” im here
    like “But ohm has MInx,Dlive,Mark,Cry,Ken,ziegs,krism,nannaers,sparklez And
    even pewds hes the one who should be afraid we have the big youtubers with

  10. Your Right,I think that This “ShoSho” should be banned,and make rust
    deleted from his steam account Lets Hope That They Fix The Hacker
    Problem.And I was Getting Ready to buy this game on steam and i saw the
    link To this video,And Masked said that thy Annoyed Masked Friends and him
    for like 2 weeks Thats Just Crazy! I Hope you care about this as much as
    me. Thanks You

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