Rust – Hacker Vs. Clan (Hacker Caught)


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  1. 3 or 4 hour process of gathering materials, building houses doing so much
    stuff till a hacker killed me because i didn’t give him a gun and he
    destroyed everything of mine

  2. Was thinking of buying this game, till i saw nothing but “Hackers” videos
    and non stop complain of hackers, no one should buy a game filled with
    hackers and devs not doing a damn thing about it.

  3. To be honost even if you had his name on recording it wouldn’t do much for
    proof of hacking you will need to have his Physical Steam ID Number, Also
    it is 100% possible this could be an Example of Admin Trolling, Griefing,
    and abuse.

  4. It’s good that this dick used that hack because in the future the devs
    might make this undo able and make it even harder or its gonna end up like
    2008-2012 combat arms

  5. when people hack, what does that prove, you’re a faggot and that can jerk
    off to gay porn? maybe that but what else?

  6. If you are interested and think you are applicable to the clan, go to on teamspeak 3. I will be taking applications there under
    the name of Aeris[SelectSizeGaming]. You can also ask for me there.

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