Ruzzle Cheat!!! unlimited time!!! NO jail break or computer!!!

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FileSize: 11 MB

Rating: 2

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  1. Just bought it on Windows Phone for 99p or so
    Can’t see the point of cheating, actually. Just seen a feller on youTube
    get something like 900 words in 2 mins. Could barely see his fingers move
    I’m useless !

  2. Wow, and I bet I play some of you pathetic people. i never cheat at ruzzle,
    don’t see the point in playing this game if you got to cheat. You guys who
    do this are like scrum, sore losers.

  3. Its whack to cheat bro…y’all can add me tho lol so I can beat that ass
    fair and square @fabolous101

  4. I tried it and it had a fucking anti-cheat thing lol so i lost the round
    hahah I just hope the friend I was playing doesn’t notice that I’m a
    cheater hahaha

  5. i tried it and it stopped the clock but when i changed the time back the
    clock was still frozen and i couldn’t end the game…

  6. Yeah – a Ruzzle cheat app right next to a Bible app lol! Something you
    don’t see every day

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