[SA] Proxemic – Auth Selling – Evidence Video.5 – I AM LEGIT ! – Sinister Atrocities. – Soulsplit

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[SA] Proxemic – Auth Selling – Evidence Video.5 – I AM LEGIT ! – Sinister Atrocities. – Soulsplitwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh157{filesize}


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  1. lmfao first of all retard i made that comment over a month ago, and you’re
    just replying now? second of all, i had a valid point and it’s not a guide
    moron you’re trying to get people to come buy from you when you’re clearly
    a joke (and most likely a scam) and considering you only got 53 views that
    shows you’re shit not legit, so not it doesn’t help your arguement. And
    finally third of all i had valid points not some flamer so go fuck yourself
    and have a nice day.

  2. lol you didn’t edit shit rofl you recorded it and chucked on here and it’s
    not hard at all to make them it takes like 10 fucking seconds to set up
    recording lmfao…. and oh gee maybe you make them to get more people to
    buy from you doesn’t mean shit.. legit or not doesn’t matter (even though
    only 1 person not multiple commented saying legit) all i’m saying is before
    you go using that shit as an arguement check the facts first

  3. @Kedrexx ok listen here you critical cunt, im talking to my friends on
    skype? and i type so you can see them confirm it you silly prick…
    secondly i have like 20 odd videos im not going to put them all up but why
    would i take the time to edit and make them? also why would people comment
    saying legit. i suppose i set that up too. finally i sell different types
    of auths, 20m is all sites voted on so the auth holds a higher rare rate
    you silly fuck… and try-hard intro? ur the first to complain

  4. LOl you little fucking cunt, your some stupid keyboard warrior, these
    videos are more of a guide or a choice to watch rather, you dont have to
    believe me, but jesus christ it helps my arguement right? exactly so shut
    your mouth

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