Samsung Galaxy S 2 Tips, Tricks & Hacks – Part 1


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  1. thanks for the tips &tricks.i hav samsung galaxy s2 android version.i cant
    send any international messages ,all getting failed.can someone plz help

  2. wow, i never knew about that brightness status bar trick. i hate all the
    videos that have really obvious tips, nice to have video with some info
    that’s actually new.

  3. you’re great dude! your tips will help a lot for those who uses S2 , imma
    get one sooner(hopefully) XD ….

  4. Peeps here are taking pride instead of having remorse at the fact that they
    can’t understand an accent different to their’s. 😀

  5. guys, if i have so many widgets running on my main browser (accuWeather,
    bookmark notes, AP mobile news, digital clock) like the dude’s samsung Sii
    on video, will it slowly eat up my battery?

  6. learn english and don’t dubbing every film or anything else that aint
    German would help Englisch lernen und nicht jeden Film Dubbing oder
    irgendetwas anderes, das nicht Deutsch ist helfen würde sorry for my german
    i used google translate

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