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  1. This is for Narco Road, should be added to the title. NR is totally stupid vs original GRW.

  2. If anyone remembers the dlc leaks for the ghost packs I found the vector that was shown with the purple wrap silencer called the "vector spector"

  3. yeah, it just "showed up"…

    this is a very simple glitch that is spreading fast. All you have to do is select the mission "BOOM BOOM BOOM" (Narco Road DLC) at the beginning of the mission, you're instructed to "Grab the Lieutenant", instead of doing that. Stand near the Lieutenant, so that the Grab option pops up, then shoot and kill him. The grab option will change to "Body Search". search the body saved you'll get a random weapon, and the mission will fail allowing you to start over. repeat the process as many times as you want to and eventually you'll get this, and many more weapons including those that you have to pay for, and the other minigun (The one mounted on vehicles). EXPLOIT THIS GLITCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Some weapons will cause your game to crash, and you could be booted out of online game sessions.

  4. Hey SXVXN – This IS indeed listed in the code as a weapon. It is W_Mounted_Gatling. There are also entries for the helicopter ones (W_Mounted_UniGunship_Gatling). Obviously these are meant to be used mounted and he somehow glitched (probably died on a mounted gun and was revived and it glitched as his primary). Weirdly though there IS INDEED an entry which reads as W_Gatling_Handheld. I dunno if they intended to come up with a unique weapon and never fully implemented it. That GM minigun "Arnuld" uses in Terminator 2 springs to mind….

    Even more interesting though is there are a series of "exotic" weapons only intended to be used by enemies. Would be great if players could somehow use these: W_EXOTIC_FlameThrower, W_EXOTIC_FlareGun, W_EXOTIC_LL81_MORTAR and W_EXOTIC_RPG-7

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