Sephiroth Visits Twilight Town – Kingdom Hearts 2 Hacked Fight


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  1. I can imagine the town's fan girls getting sad and crying after Sephiroth's defeat but then Sephiroth would say something like don't worry ladies I'm a trainer and that was part of training. This kid is lucky to be trained by the best or some similar dialouge to that. Fan girls of Twilight town would eat that shit up.

  2. He's gonna take you back to the past

    To show you the boss fights that suck ass

    He's rather have a Nobody take a diarrhea dump in his ear.

    He'd rather eat the rotten asshole of a Darkside and down it with beer.

    He's the Cynical Sora Nerd

    He's the Cynical Riku Nerd

    He's the Cynical Roxas Nerd

    He's the Cynical Kingdom Hearts Neeeerd.

  3. when i played kingdom hearts i felt like the only one in the world who played it lol. I felt so connected to the game.

  4. I kinda wanted to see Sephiroth rain down meteors in that little space while the people were watching

  5. Not only was the Hacker an a*hole, but he is a dumea* as well. By the way, awesome part about the clocks.

  6. I want the Kingdom Hearts 2 clock so bad With Sora And Kairi And the Kingdom Hearts 1 one with Sora too

  7. He kinda is a troll if you think about it like he went on there and posted some stupid ass shit, and instead of trolling square he trolled everyone else.

  8. I'm actually looking forward into how the gummi ships are going to look like and what the battles are going to look like also every time you try to go another world like the old ones.

  9. If i had hacked their Twitter, i'd have said that because of artistic disagreements with Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 had to be canceled.

    THAT'S the kind of prank you pull with that kind of power. Not "Lol Fifa is shit rofl yolo". What are you? 10?

  10. Especially with all their anti consumer actions, and how they have treated KH after Kingdom Hearts 2? Fuck you. These fuckers are as bad as ubisoft and ea at this point. Another clickbait pointless video.

  11. 2:20 fuckin killed me XD
    Yeah look, programmers and hackers aren't as smart as people think.
    I had an old friend who was a programmer for 8 years, he was brilliant when it came to programming in all languages, but in other parts of life; he was stupid as fuck.

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