Shark Tank – Saturday Night Live


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  2. One great thing about the US is that we can do skits like this and face no government punishment.

  3. Which idiot thought it was a good idea to cast Chris rock as Arab? He can only do a donkey or monkey accent. He's just a nigger, not a Muslim nigger.

  4. I was expecting fireworks, but it started raining in the first 45 seconds and it just got really cold. Boring, Dave Chappell would have made this really funny.

  5. I rather join ISIS than watch this stupid ass show….only a liberal network would do this kind of thing…"losers"

  6. "a small perversion of Islam" the video said, you mean a decision to follow the actual Qu'ran. it's the muslims claiming to be peaceful who pervert it these kidnappers terrorists rapists murderers are what unperverted Islam is all about.

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