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  1. Riku: "Take this fruit. We'll become intertwined. In a fruity way ;)"
    Sora: "No homo" tosses it

  2. This is so hard to watch because I'm one of them ravenous KH fans and you're sooo not paying attention to it XD I mean, I'm not gonna yell at you, just give it a chance and pay attention 😛 The Square parts get better as the series go on, but in KH1 I think it is a lot more Disney focused. My fav KH games are KH2 and KH Birth By Sleep. Oh and as everyone has already said, you don't have to pick up EXP, those are going to be HP orbs, Munny, and MP. You get EXP when you defeat something, and tech points (which are exp) when you parry and such. And also, you should've played KH 1.5 XD because extra content and other minor improvements. MY least favorite thing about KH1 was the camera controls. They are awkward as fuck. It improves greatly in KH2. HAVE FUN THOUGH. ^^ You rule. And Phil sounds like your twin.

  3. oh no. dookie has trouble mapping out 2d games in his head. there's no hope for a 3d game, especially if he's drinking

  4. when the time comes dookie you will get attack guard but always remember to get magnet so you never have pick up hp orbs again

  5. Am I the only one who hears an echo when the characters of the game speak or is that just my audio? Just curious as I noticed it in the last video as well.

  6. There better be a "Dookieshed tries to explain Kingdom Hearts While Drunk" episode after this series is done. It doesn't have to be immediately. 😛

  7. If you do any more practice sparring with the other characters on the island, keep in mind that you can earn "technical bonus" exp for successfully blocking their attacks, and an additional point or two for hitting them with the deflected attack. (Sometimes; not all countered attacks return to sender)
    This system was put in place early on to teach you that you don't have to spam random attacks at Heartless to beat them. Timing your strikes so that you counter enemy offense can be key in some situations so that you can better protect yourself. In games like the original Mega Man series, you had to watch the enemy mavericks to learn how to more easily defeat them, right? It's the same principle here, so I know you'll do well once you get the hang of timing when to swing your weapon. ^-^

  8. Hey Dookie! Great video, just a small suggestion. You should put the episode number in the thumbnail so they're easily distinguishable since the title gets cut off in the sub box (at least for me).

  9. the part on the island i really thing it's boring, but it'll get better, trust me. And the name of the gray-haired guy is riku,by the way

  10. Voice of Dolan is Tony Anselmo. The only modification to the voice happens in his throat. He replaced the original actor after 1983's Mickey's Christmas Carol.

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