Silent Ascension 20 | Double Wraith Form! (Slay the Spire)


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Hey everyone and welcome back to another Slay the Spire video. If you’re new to the game and just learning, feel free to ask questions down in the comments. In today’s video we’re tackling the Silent class.

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Intro Song: “By My Side” by DJ Quads
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Outro Song: “Scared of Heights” by Loving Caliber

Game: Slay the Spire


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  1. I recently learned a weird interaction in the Awakened One fight that would have helped you here: he wakes up with the strength he had when he died basically, so you can Piercing Wail the turn you first kill him to get rid of all the strength you gave him from your powers. Crazy, right?

  2. I enjoy watching your videos due to fact you analyze all engagements break them down and explain it all in an easy to understand format. Also big plus love the voice lul.

  3. Grand finale deck is definitly possible on low ascension runs without ascender's bane, I've seen people done it, but it'll be a pain in high ascensions.

  4. I don't play this game, nor do I wish to.
    With that said I really enjoy watching you play it! I watch everyone that you upload!
    Keep up the great content! 🙂

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