Sim City 4 Tutorial How To Build a Realistic Rail Overpass


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  1. odd, I did this but when the I dragged the road or rail way, it did a sharp
    cut, not the nice long run up, any help?

  2. i hav done eveything under the sun and i hav a hp w1850 and yes i play
    everydayand i have add ons and mods lots of down loades i thinks its
    becouse of the last downloads i downloaded on d 23 but i do not know how to
    find them.

  3. Usually, overpasses don’t just rise up immediately before and after going
    over the avenue. They usually are more like the second example.

  4. i need help evey time i load up my game and click on a city it acks like
    its going to load up and i will be able to play but it kickes me out of the
    game can you are some 1 help me plz i tryed everything and not a thing has
    worked. i hope some one see this and can give advice i have not played sim
    city rush hour in over 3 days now and i miss it can i get some help on this
    problem thanks god bless

  5. I turn my graphics all the way up. I don’t understand how the raised ground
    looks like rocks rather than the normal Maxis default

  6. I have a problem I can’t turn the puzzle pieces because my keyboard doen’t
    have a DEL key, using bootcamp on a mac and we have the smaal keyboard so
    is there anyway to change the settings

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