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  1. here is a great tip for your videos, dont take a camera and film your
    screen, the videos are always crap

  2. Just get Windows, it doesn’t need any additional software to run games.
    That’s Apple’s fault, not Windows so quit blaming countless problems to

  3. i have a mac book pro with 4 gb of ram an 1.9ghz and it has never crashed
    actually ive never ever had a problem.

  4. Sim City 4 is on Mac from Aspyr. Ihate Macs w/ games. I have DOOM 3 with a
    recent iMac (2.16 GHZ, 1GB Ram), and the game still runs like crap. I get
    about 12 fps at 800*600 with low quality!

  5. Games can’t work correctly if it is emulated or edited to be used on a Mac
    because Aspyr has to do changes with it and that makes it run slower causes
    fucked up graphics and tons of other things.

  6. No sir you are. Virtualization is not emulation. And that’s all the
    kindness you get from me hee hee hee.

  7. LOL. And what anti-virus app did you need to buy? Maybe I shouldn’t blame
    microsoft for security that resembles swiss cheese? Besides, I actually
    *use* my computer rather than play with it. My point was that you windows
    gamer nards don’t know half as much as you think you do. AFAIK CIDAR is a
    software option for developers, and the CIDAR platform is customized to fit
    the clients needs. It works relatively well where properly implemented and
    is integrated with the application.

  8. You can play some of the ultimate windows games on mac with cider or all
    the games with bootcamp (directx10 only with the new macbook pros at this

  9. For all the people that are wondering how he got sim city on iMac is there
    is an app called wine (weird right) But it can run exe. programs also games
    onto ur iMac !!:) People have tutorials on youtube about it so check them

  10. if it obvy can’t run SIM CITY 4 (shitty game graphically and gameplay) halo
    2 ain’t gonna work also halo 2 runs with the games under windows label it
    wont work in XP so they would also have to crack that

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