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  1. im getting this definitely 😀 im going to get the French city set it looks

  2. hahaha, just a head uo for you that is the best price after I have browed
    from several gaming store in Melbourne. The official price for Simcity
    Digital Deluxe in Australia is $99.99 AUD and it has been dropped yet.

  3. I cant wait for this, the thing that wound me up most about old simcity
    games was that Im from England and I couldn’t build European-type cities

  4. why not? cracked Simcity can play on PS3/Xbox beside what is the deal, not
    every parent will buy every console and PC for the kids.

  5. This is actually a REALLY expensive price for a game, but I think it is
    worth it. This game is Outstanding to all the other sim games. For the U.S,
    its $79.99. I am actually going to try this Deluxe version out, whats to

  6. Aw, thank you! I am Walt Disney’s Great Grandson 🙂 I wish Walt was still
    alive. I also wanna work for Disney when I grow up. It’s such a Magical

  7. Whats the point of the high speed train? If the simcity cities were real i
    could walk across them and i would. Also why is big ben alone? It’s
    attached to the houses of parliament.

  8. Couldn’t agree more with this, I was lucky enough to get into the third
    closed beta, and if people hate this game then they are crazy, its really
    fun and addicting and I honestly cannot wait until next Tuesday for it.

  9. I for one don’t care who makes the game. Or a movie, or anything else for
    that matter. If it is good, I will support it with my money. I loved
    sc2000, didn’t get into Sim City 4 all too much, but this game looks
    amazing. I’m definitely going to pre-order because it looks fun and good!

  10. So on behalf of everyone who enjoys a game for the game play and not who
    makes it. I say to you sir, go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself long and
    hard with the biggest dick known to man. Because you have failed to bring
    me down to your level of stupidity. You are nothing but a hater, who goes
    around and does nothing but bitch, bitch, and bitch some more about EA.
    Those of us that enjoy games, well, don’t share your opinion and don’t give
    a shit.

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