SimCity – Walkthrough Part 4 – Patch 1.2 – Let’s Play Gameplay (SimCity 5 Deluxe 2013)


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  1. Nice city… i like how u went ahead and fixed the traffic before it got
    out f hand. The park and rides really do help traffic!!! 

  2. I think he wants to be fair to the people who don’t have the limited
    edition. I however don’t have the game at all & for some reason love
    watching this. I’ll buy the game after EA sorts out all its server
    issues……or if through the grace of God they make an offline mode. Of
    course the latter is sadly unlikely.

  3. I believe the words you were looking for were ; we are efficiently emptying
    the shitters

  4. Apparently at this point the server issues are basically gone (though
    people are still bitching about prior issues, as I’m sure you know) and I
    know people have been saying there is no reason fro the singleplayer mode
    to be online, but part of the singleplayer game’s simulation actually runs
    on EA’s servers. They announced this before the game came out and no-one
    paid attention. You’ll barely notice it, I play MMOs all the time and I
    rarely disconnect a week after launch. this is normal.

  5. you need more then one utility building per city. If you only have 1
    hospital, because sick sims WILL NOT take ambulances, i mean seriously do
    you call 911 for a cold? So what if there was only 1 doctors in london or
    toronto or new york or sydney?

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