Sky Force 2014 v1.01 iOS – Hack Cheat IFunbox / IFile infinte stars 99999

Filename: ironforcehackifunbox.exe

FileSize: 23 MB

Free ironforcehackifunbox is ready for download

Sky Force 2014 v1.01 iOS – Hack Cheat IFunbox / IFile infinte stars 99999was extracted from


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  1. how do i know where to paste the codes? it would have been a great video if it was a talked through video explaining the process.

  2. Great Work on the video! Get 2 billion stars!! (Code at bottom).
    – –
    Just like to mention something. The app has glitches. If you try to get stars the "normal/holy" way, the max stars you will ever get are 99,999,999 (43-10-15-42-0B-70-43-10-15-42-0B-70-43-10-15-42). If you try to get any more stars, it resets to ten million and adds the extra stars to that amount.
    – –
    For example, you have 99,999,999 stars. Then you play a bit and get 2 stars… You will now have 10,000,001… and NOT 100,000,001. It's not a big issue, but I like my hacks glitch-free damnit :).
    – –
    And thanks to "WTF_Obst_Salat_-" for the 2 Billion Star code (48-10-1C-42-02-70-4A-10-1C-42-02-70-4B-10-1C-42-02-70-49-10). It works on V-1.30, iOS 8.2, iPhone-5 as of 17th March 2015. You rock, buddy!

  3. Hey guys 

    i have 2 new key for this videon which realy work, i tested by my self 

    paste one of this numbers below in the line 130, like in the video !!!

    4B-10-15-42-0B-70-43-10-15-42-0B-70-43-10-15-42-0B-70-43-10 = 1999999999 STARS

    48-10-1C-42-02-70-4A-10-1C-42-02-70-4B-10-1C-42-02-70-49-10 = 2000001003 STARS

    48-10-1C-42-03-70-4A-10-1E-42-01-70-4A-10-14-42-06-70-49-10 = More Than 2000001003 STARS

    NEW : here is a Link for my Savegame!BMkjXTKS!Rrod6OjdmguXQH5SeQWAnxm_-cIpuZPhS85ipC8WxUo

    WARNING !!

    this Savegame was edited in many points and it is an absolut completed Game
    BETTER u use the codes

    You have more fun, if u use the codes !!! believe me 😀 !!!

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