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A review of the roguelike, card game Slay The Spire. Who knew deckbuilding combined with dungeon crawling could be so fun… well except for Megacrit. I guess they knew.



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  1. I foresee that your channel will grow huge.
    Thanks for the review, will definitely try this game

  2. Love this game, great review! You should review Dominions 5, and immensely complex turn based strategy game of a similar design philosophy to dwarf fortress. One of my personal favorites!

  3. Even if the Act 4 boss gives no rewards I'm glad he exists. It's what is currently keeping my intrest in the game as i've yet to beat the fight.

    It might even be a good thing that act 4 isn't required for ascension. The first time you come across the fight it seems impossible. The increase in difficulty from ascension is much more gradual and feels easy by comparison but they still require you to play better. Which means that as I'm slowly getting better and going up in the ascension ranks I still have that end goal in sight of beating Act 4.

    Without that ascensions wouldn't be as intresting for me. The act of beating the game on a slightly higher difficulty so you can beat the game on a even more slightly higher difficulty isn't nearly as compelling as getting better to beat the ultimate boss.

  4. You make really good videos, thank you.

    I would like see you reviewing:
    Mount and blade,
    Opus magnus,
    Into the breach,
    Running with rifles,
    Frozen synapse,

  5. another perfect review for another game that I love. We have similar taste in games 🙂 keep on doing this, you will go big!

  6. I've been getting into card games more recently, but never knew much about this game until now. Another good review, I can see myself getting this soon.

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