Slay The Spire ACT 2! Learning AND Bonding!


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  1. Look ceez idk if you read the comments or not but no lie I love watching you play the board game episodes that are over an hour long. Love the excitement that goes into it. Rather watch you do something like this over fortnite any day. Also like the pumble board game with high distortion and the crew. Great videos and experiences. How you read this keep it up.

  2. I LOVE this game! I swear, we play all the same games bro, it's kind of eerie but ain't ain't complain', know what I'm sayin' HEH won tine foh duh won tine, ACK ACK ACK

  3. Searing blow would be all i grab. Same as two strikes, same energy, but unlimited upgrades. Possible 25 damage for 2 energy????

  4. Ceez sleeping on searing blow. Strongest card NA. UPGRADE THAT THING EVERYTIME. U HAVE APOTHESIS or whatever that card is called as well. Super op

  5. Kheds talking shit about this game. Go watch seasame street and "fap" to fortnite skins. Ya' breath stank.

  6. Ever since you played this the other day I’ve been binge watching people playing it just waiting for this video to come through. [+]

  7. I cannot watch anyone play this game, it is infinitely frustrating to see the play to be made and scream at the screen for the player to notice it lol. As many times tho, someone makes a play and I am mad at myself for not seeing it.

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