Slay The Spire Daily Challenge 04-1


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Slay The Spire Daily Challenge for March 14, 2018
(I probably can’t record these every day, cause of my job)

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. I probably would have grabbed the barricade; upgraded it costs 2, and with the 4 energy from the key, that only takes half a turn, less if you'd followed it up with the energy relic. Also, transforming cards always gives a card of the same type.

  2. Today on Missplay the Spire:

    Skills are upgraded on pickup, considers not buying true grit "because its not upgraded" – narrowly averted.
    Gets Anchor with 10 Block. Enemy does 10 damage. Still plays 2 defends.

    On the plus side. That boss was handled flawlessly.
    Getting immolate isn't just okay. With this deck its Awesome with captital A.

  3. 8:30 "Why would I bother [with Elites]?" Because only normal enemies have their drops changed. Elites aren't special for dropping relics in this case; they're special for dropping *cards*.

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