Slay The Spire Daily Challenge 07-1


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Slay The Spire Daily Challenge for March 30, 2018
(I probably can’t record these every day, cause of my job)

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. Fighting that boss, the hitback triggers once per attack card played, not each time you deal attack damage. This means whirlwind for 0 will do 3 damage back, while dealing attack damage 0 times. Meanwhile, twin strike will deal attack damage twice, and also do 3 hitback damage to you. Tough hide vs spikes.

  2. the last dayliyt challenge i did was
    start with 50 cards in your deck
    any cards you give from battle or curses has doubled so uyou get 3 of them
    and you cant remove cards from shop

  3. Transforming a card only gives the same type for Curses. At about 7:10, you can see that it went through at least one Attack, even though it started (and ended) a Skill.

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