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Slay The Spire Daily Challenge for April 26, 2018
(I probably can’t record these every day, cause of my job)

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. Doubling storm of steel is amazing if you have discard tech, exhaustion tech (rare, really have to be in a challenge that lets you get cards from the Ironclad), or just playing TONS of stuff.
    What happens is storm of steel discards your hand, and replaces it with shivs, then discards all those shivs (which are in your discard, not exhausted!), and then gives you that many shivs again. Counts as a ton of discards (which depending on what you have, can matter. Like the relic that deals 3 damage every time you discard.) And it adds a bunch of those 0 cost shivs to your deck for that encounter, which can be handy. Again, depending on relics and whatnot. The rare run for this class actually can get the stuff to want this to happen. And it is hilarious when it does work.

  2. As a NON colour blind person I used to confuse energy potion with one of the other ones, so there's that.

  3. There are a bunch of new potions. Some are very cool, others are really situational. I wouldn't mind a new relic being added that adds a couple extra potion slots.

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