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Slay The Spire Daily Challenge for April 26, 2018
(I probably can’t record these every day, cause of my job)

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. The Orrery is probably the best of the second rate boss relics. It's not as good as the class specific ones like the Specimen, or the extra energy per turn ones, but beats out the other minor effect/one time bonus ones by a wide margin, especially when you get it in the first act. The thing the description doesn't mention is you get to see all 15 cards before deciding on any of them, so you can pick out good combinations that might otherwise be too risky to invest in. You're presented a loot screen with 5 choose a cards, can view them and hit return, then take them in any order. You're still limited to 1 card per row, but you can also skip any rows that are junk.

  2. So, bane does 14 for one energy, and assuming you have envenom in play, does 18 for one. It applies 4 poison, as opposed to the dagger that applies 5 poison. The dagger is slightly better before you have a poisoned target or envenom going, but you have enough poison sources that bane is probably slightly better.

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