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Well, people like Slay the Spire and so do I, so it’s graduated from “Games I Don’t Have Time For” to maybe a proper series?

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From the creator of Tales From My D&D Campaign (TDDC)
as well as the niche webcomic

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. 15:20 If you'd cast the first Mind Blast on the weaker one, you would have dropped him to 19. Then the second one would have done 81 to the stronger one, leaving him at 15. Your orbs would have done 16 to everything, killing the big one, and leaving the small one at 3. You then could have finished him with the potion, or soaked the hit and finished him next turn. While you did get a kill next turn anyway, that was contingent on drawing the Holograms, which wasn't guaranteed.

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